A unique African decorating idea




Use decorative letter transfers to decorate your African inspired home
African decorating is a popular decorating style and youíll be able to find plenty of ideas for turning your home into an African showcase. The best way to start your African inspired project is to think about the things youíd likely encounter on a trip to Africa. These African images will help you develop suitable decorating ideas for every room in your home.

Africa has historically been a tribal continent. This tribal influence is readily noticeable in African music, heritage and artifacts. Much of the African clothing, artwork and furnishings are handmade using techniques passed down through the generations. Vivid colors, geometric shapes and exotic animal prints are common elements of African decorating and can help inspire your ideas.

Tribal masks, figurines hand carved from ivory and dark woods, zebras, cheetahs, lions, tigers, elephants, spears, and pottery are decorating ideas that will help you bring the look of life on the African plains into your decorating scheme. Are you ready to get started?

Want an easy way to transfer lettering from your mind to your walls or any other smooth surface? Youíre not alone. Using decorative wall sayings is a popular home decorating trend that gives you the elegant and sophisticated look of hand painting without all the hassle. Once you start transferring words and quotes on the wall, you wonít know when to stop.

Whatís so special about transfer lettering? Well there are two things, actually. First is the simplicity of this product. The transferable inscriptions and sayings you design arrive on a sheet of paper thatís long enough to contain your message. You either keep the message in one continuous line or you can cut the words apart to create your own layout. Then you just start rubbing. You donít have to space out your letters or cut out your letters because thatís already been done for you. Simply peel back the excess sheet to reveal your unique lettering art.

The other thing that makes transfer lettering so special is that youíre in complete control over how your words and quotes will appear on the wall. You can create your own message if desired. You select both the font and the color for the letters in your message. You get to choose from elegant script fonts, old-English fonts, fun childrenís style fonts and many other styles. In fact, there are over 80 different fonts available. Then you choose the color from a palette of 40 different choices. Finally you select the size of the letters.

Decorative letter transfers look great in any room including the kitchen, foyer, bedrooms, and sun room, even your hobby room or home office. Youíll be applying decorated letters everywhere you can. But donít worry; if you start to go overboard rub-on lettering is as easy to remove as it is to apply.

Personalized lettering transfers are easier to use than stencils and better looking than wooden letters. Try it today! You can make up your own custom quote or you can choose from over 1100 standard quotes and phrases by clicking below:

Once you get started, your African decorating ideas will keep on rolling! Tribal artifacts, vivid fabrics, animal prints, hand-carved statues, figurines and furniture, fertility gods, warriors, spears, masks, woven baskets, and pottery are just a few of the African-inspired ideas you need to begin decorating your African home.